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FiT Safety

FiT Safety is an integrated automation and MES solution that will allay any concerns you have about machine safety. Safety-related control systems for machinery and equipment, as well as the required security software are where FiT Safety stands out.

The engineers of the acs core team have attended functional safety technician training at the TÜV and place their years of FiT Safety Team experience at your disposal.

  • Risk analysis enables us to address, prioritise, categorise, and then eliminate any safety hazards for you. Identify risk at an early enough stage.
  • Potential hazards in your systems are minimised during operation and you increase the safety of your systems thanks to required and custom-developed safety software.
  • Compliance with ISO/EN/IEC standards and machinery guidelines, as well as the presence of all technical documentation mean you can always demonstrate that any basic health and safety requirements are met. Accordingly, you are always on the side of caution.