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Streamlined quality, increased output, lower costs thanks to acs ag’s customised analysis and optimisation strategy in four stages.

  1. Acquisition of process data, validation and archiving: The proFiT process data management system delivers an overview of any information about production and the final product.
  2. Fast and user-friendly process data analysis thanks to proFiT.
  3. Monitoring of running production processes, updating of data and ongoing prediction of product characteristics – all thanks to proFiT.
  4. proFiT computes the best settings for each influencing parameter so as to attain the defined objectives.

This means the process is streamlined continuously and achieves an excellent result.

  • Your process knowledge is increased thanks to sensitivity analysis and parameter analysis.
  • Your desired product quality is attained thanks to data-driven prediction models.
  • Your production costs are cut thanks to optimised production parameters. 

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