Apprentice computer scientist

Apprentice computer scientist in an interesting environment. In addition to learning the fundamentals of programming, you can work with our software engineers on customer projects for the process industry. You will experience first-hand how the software you have created controls a machine or the machine uploads data to the Cloud.

Apprenticeship in computer science

If the world of computer science fascinates you and you would like to do a technical apprenticeship, then you are at theright place! acs ag offers an apprenticeship in computer science (specialising in application development) every year.

The application process

The application, assessments and signing of the contract always take place in the previous year. Timings:

Before 31 July

Send us your complete application documents. We assess the files received, select the candidates, and will then send you an invitation to attend the assessment if you are one of them.

End of August

The first assessment is held on a Wednesday afternoon. It consists of a presentation of the company, an interview, and a test.


Selected candidates are invited to the second assessment. In the second assessment, we give you tasks that you solve independently over a two-day period. They include:

  • Typical programming tasks that are part and parcel of the vocational profile
  • Group work: Develop and give presentations

End of September

  • Final selection and signing of the contract

Following August

  • Apprenticeship starts

We expect you to send

  • Your letter of application
  • Your CV
  • Your most recent school report
  • 'Stellwerk'/multi-test – results

Trial apprenticeship

We regret that we are unable to carry out trial apprenticeships.


Vocational profile: Computer scientist

Apprenticeship at acs

The apprenticeship in computer science takes four years. Upon completion, you will receive the Swiss federal certificate of competence (Eidgenössisches Fähigkeitszeugnis - EFZ) in computer science. Attendance at the vocational baccalaureate school during the apprenticeship is required.


Elementary school completion with very good performance in the sciences, mathematics and languages is required.

Personal abilities

As a computer scientist, you need to have logical and abstract cognitive ability. For example, you need to be able to envisage what your software should achieve in a system – and often when time is against you. You also need to be able to grasp information quickly and have good spatial sense, patience and perseverance. If you have good general knowledge and are a team player, then you have the right attributes for this interesting profession.


As a computer scientist specialising in application development, you are a software specialist. You realise software solutions for new or modified products and processes.

To achieve this, you first analyse your customer's aims and note the requirements for the program. This could involve quite diverse applications: Process system control, machinery control systems and data analysis in the machinery industry, food industry and medical technology sectors. After the preliminary survey, you formulate a detailed concept. You program the software, test it thoroughly, and then train the user. You record every stage of work so that the application's support and advancement are assured.

You then check the IT infrastructure for functional performance and ensure that the programs used are always up to date, thus allowing users to work efficiently. You support users if problems occur and make sure failed components are exchanged rapidly.

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