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Given the continuously growing volumes of data and communication, you need robust and well-functioning IT for the development and maintenance of software, as well as to guarantee data security prevails in accordance with requirements. 

The transformation to digitisation is not just a question of software, but above all a challenge for IT infrastructure.

As a rule, SMEs (the small and medium-sized enterprises from industry) used to distinguish between production IT and office IT, often leaving the management to various IT teams. The only synergies were often limited to the selection of computer manufacturer (e.g. HP, Dell, etc.).

Client devices like laptops, handhelds, mobile devices, network technology, communication technology, and IT security technology will remain an issue for us in the future, too. The trend toward renting additional computing and storage capacity in external data centres, the Cloud, etc. will increase. Such outsourcing must be perceived and maintained with every aspect, such as performance, operational reliability, legal certainty, data ownership, data security, etc. IT will take on new tasks via such features as device positioning, identification, augmented reality, vision, and much more.

The consequences for production IT are increased physical requirements in the production hall.