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Manufacturing Execution Systems MES

MES represents the bridge between ERP systems and machine controls.

With the introduction of an MES system, standards are implemented that reduce the complexity of systems and processes.

Thanks to our years of experience and implementation expertise in the management, guidance, control and monitoring of process plants, we implement flexible system solutions for you on time.

  • Our project engineers have management and specialist knowledge. Our project management system is certified according to TQMi and ISO 9001: 2015 and is based on 'Good Manufacturing Practice' (GMP, GAMP).
  • Through process control technology (recipe controls, batch controls, process and production data recording) you achieve the desired, predetermined quality and quantity of your products.

With our project experience in the following areas, you make your production FiT

  • MES solves the tasks in performance management, traceability, production accounting, production and order control, detailed planning, optimization, process optimization and process recipes
  • Integrations between all levels 1-2-3-4; especially with ERP, CAQ and maintenance systems
  • Individually customized industrial software and database development

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Michael Meienberg

Michael Meienberg

Member of the executive board, business unit manager MES

Tel. +41 71 929 44 24


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