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Quality and development

The production and process recipes created and constantly optimized by the development team are verified by the quality assurance team with regard to product quality using defined measures such as quality checks.

The development engineers develop recipes for new products and enhance existing ones. Corresponding testing is often carried out on the production systems. The resulting process recipe data must be recorded and managed safely.

The quality team defines quality checks based on system, product, material and/or calendar. The required tests and measurements are performed automatically by machinery and equipment, semi-automatically with the help of measuring equipment or manually. The measurement readings are assigned to the production batch and recorded in an EBR (electronic batch record). LIMS systems (laboratory information management software) are also often used.

The physical flow of goods can be recorded on mobile devices.The consumption of raw materials, auxiliary material, energy, as well as produced products in the right quantity and specified quality is monitored in real time, controlled and recorded down to container level. Product safety and uniqueness can be ensured through serialisation.

Supply chain software system interfaces permit uninterrupted product traceability from supplier to customer.