Your function


Technical resources ready for operation at any time and economical use of energy and resources are what technology should guarantee humans.

Topics such as the efficiency of machinery, energy, emissions, maintenance and servicing, as well as enhancing the safety of humans and machinery are worked on constantly.

Technology delivers solutions. Technology delivers constantly improved resources, such as machinery, systems and tools. The enhancements and measures need to be recorded and their details understood so that they can be optimized continuously. Given the ensuing, increasingly complex changing systems, such documentation must always be kept up to date, relevant and available at every location. Because of the enormous amount of data and short deadlines, this can only be achieved electronically today.

Measures to improve efficiency and the use of new servicing methods, such as condition monitoring, are based on automated recordings of the corresponding machinery and process data. Appropriate analysis and diagnostic systems thus enable you to derive important findings and relationships from the flood of data.