Our solutions

FiT Solution

We give your software and automation solution a name. This gives you budget certainty and guarantees the solution you seek at the agreed time. 

Based on our years of experience and implementation expertise in the automation of process equipment and machinery control systems, we realise system solutions for you that are on time, good value, and flexible.

Our project engineers have received certified project management training. Moreover, they possess management and subject-specific knowledge. Geared toward good manufacturing practice (GMP, GAMP), our project management system is certified according to TQMi and ISO 9001:2015.

  • Your machinery service life is extended and maintenance costs reduced thanks to cost-efficient retroFiT solutions.
  • Your desired, specified product quality and quantity is attained thanks to process control engineering (recipe control systems, ANSI/ISA88 batch control systems, process and production data recording).
  • Our project experience in the following areas enables you to make your production FiT
  1. Integrated process automation solutions (hardware design, PLC, SCADA, fieldbus)
  2. MES according to ANSI/ISA95 (performance management, traceability, production accounting, production and order management, detailed planning, optimisation, process recipes)
  3. Integration between all levels 1-2-3-4; in particular, with ERP, CAQ and maintenance systems
  4. Customised industrial software and database developments