Your industry


Our experts know and deal with the specific process characteristics and requirements of the sector.

Our broad structure and the number of our competent employees enable us to automate complex systems and optimize production processes across the board.
Since we cover the entire automation pyramid right through to the ERP interface, we are able to accompany and support our customers from the sensor in the field to production planning on the computer.

We offer automation solutions from small systems up to turnkey projects. The range of services extends from requirements analysis, creation of a schema, specification, PLC, servo technology, control technology, visualization to control systems with integrated product traceability and interfaces to ERP systems.

Flexible production changeover, scrap reduction, roll to piece tranformation, product tracking, etc. are our daily business.

We have extensive experience in the areas of process automation, process operation, order management and control as well as data preparation and reporting.

The goals of our customers in the implemented projects: More efficient production, consistent compliance with all production steps and regulations, lowering production costs, optimizing product quality, maintaining production security

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