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Food and beverage

Extremely high quality standards, stringent regulatory requirements and continuous cost pressure mean the food and beverage industry is faced with new challenges every day.

Thanks to our years of experience and extensive knowledge in this sector, we are able to develop custom solutions for contract execution, automation, traceability, and documentation. We have successfully completed projects with the goal of more efficient production, consistent compliance with all production stages and regulations, cutting production costs, and optimum product quality for the following segments:

    Various automation and IT projects in numerous plants belonging to international companies: FiT Batch, FiT Solution and FiT Process Design automate, control, and streamline the daily production of dairy products like cheese, ice cream, dry products and milk powder – from delivery of raw milk through to packaged product.
    FiT Solution raises production quality and the quantity of margarine and detergents in a Swiss trading and industrial group.
    FiT Batch and FiT Solution guarantee smooth automation of the production line – from raw coffee silos across roasters through to packaging.
    FiT Process Design, FiT Solution, FiT Alarm and FiT Performance continuously raise the production of potato crisps and chips in compliance with the high quality standards applicable to this premium product. 

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